Light up the night lavishly
But with a lighter bill

LED Indoor Lighting

We bring you a wide range of LED lights and luminaires to brighten up indoors
without having to worry about running up a hefty bill.
LED lights not only provide brilliant illumination, it also adds a touch of class.
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BPL brings you a choice of decorative LED luminaires to illuminate your home in style.
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BPL LED bulbs are ideal for replacing conventional or CFL lights anywhere indoors. They provide uniform illumination, save money by cutting down on power consumption, last for more than ten years, and lights up life with elegance.
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BPL LED tube lights available with fixtures or as retrofit, are ideal for replacing conventional fluorescent tubes to slash electricity cost and profit from low-maintenance, long life. They provide optimum light for general indoor use in residences, offices, factories, shops and other commercial establishments.
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BPL LED panel lights are ideal for integrated ceiling lighting. These panel lights are surface luminaires that provide soft ambient illumination, ideal for indoor use in all commercial establishments, public facilities such as airports and hospitals, and even at homes.
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BPL LED downlights and track-lights are best suited for muted but focussed illumination in retail showrooms, offices, hotels, restaurants and at homes.
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