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For a better tomorrow
Save energy
For a happier world
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Lighting Solutions

Our experience with lighting products started decades back with rechargeable lanterns.
As technology has evolved we have incorporated these advances
in a wide range of affordable lighting solutions
to light up lives.
We were the first to develop quick-charging LED lanterns for rural areas where power supply is erratic.
We created an award winning LED study lamp for uninterrupted studying by students.
We leveraged our system engineering capability to offer roof-top solar powered lighting solutions.
There is much more to how we are spreading light and happiness.

LED Lighting

LED technology with its high energy efficiency is fast changing how we light up our lives everywhere. Saving us money. And saving the environment.
That’s why BPL brings you an array of LED lighting solutions backed by over 50 years of expertise in professional and consumer electronics. Our range of LED lights and luminaires are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use: at homes, retail shops, various commercial establishments and public spaces.
Now you can save money. And brighten up your world.
Indoor lighting
Outdoor lighting
Industrial lighting

Rechargeable Lighting

Power shortage is a fact of life in India. Absence of light disrupts our life and costs us in unproductive time and money.
At BPL we realised the price we pay for darkness. So over the last two decades we have devised an array of rechargeable lights to banish darkness. We have rechargeable portable lights ideal for homes, shops and outdoors – both solar and grid powered. Our Studylite® is a unique innovation for students; it won us the prestigious Red Dot Award for exemplary product design and performance.
Now you can have uninterrupted light. And recharge your life.
Solar power lighting
Grid power lighting

Solar Lighting

India is blessed with plenty of sunshine. Solar energy is already becoming a key resource to meet our ever increasing need for power.
At BPL we pioneered rechargeable solar lanterns for remote corners where grid power is scarce. Today we offer solar-powered rooftop solutions for lighting up homes, schools and workplaces.
Now you can turn on the power of sun. And spread light.
Rooftop Solutions